How to Play Speed


Speed is a card game where two players try to be the first to get rid of all the cards in their hand.

What You Need to Play

You need two players and a standard deck of cards with no jokers.

How to Play

To start a game, the dealer deals out the entire deck to the players. Then each player will setup their hand. You’ll need to setup five piles of cards. The first will have one card, the second will have two and so on all the way to five. The top card of each pile should be flipped up. (See example below)

In Speed, the suit of the card and the color of the cards don't matter. The only thing that matters is the value of the card. Cards can be played in increasing and decreasing order. Each card can be played one up or one down. So, if an Ace (A) is on the playing field, a two (2) or a King (K) can be played.

Once you’ve setup your hand, players will put their extra cards (stockpile) to the side as these will be used to start a game. When both players are ready, each player will flip over the top card from their stockpile and start the game. Players will move quickly to discard their hands into the two piles. When both players run out of moves, you’ll each flip over another card from their stockpile. If a player doesn’t have any cards left in their stockpile, then only one card will be flipped, and players will play into one pile instead of two.

When a player plays their entire hand into the piles, they will have to “slap” the smallest of the two piles. This pile will join their deck and the other player will add the remaining pile to their deck. However, if the other player is quick enough, they can slap the smallest pile first once the last card is played. After the deck is slapped, players will reset the board and continue playing until one player empties their hand completely.

For beginners, you can play with two hands, but for an added challenge, try playing one handed.

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